About Member Ranks

The ranks of the member are as follows.

R4  Executive(Food Open)
R3  War-Member=Baron participant(Food Open)
R2  Casual-Member=Baron non-participant
R1  Bank

“R4” is selected from “R3”.
In addition, “R3” → “R2” will be transferred at the appropriate time for the following reasons.

☑ Zeroad due to the negligence of the person himself

As for the member ranks, we will make 1 term from Baron to Baron and review it every 3 weeks.


IRX MH system will use a point system.
This will only count monster hunt (not pack buying)
Quota will be 40pts/week.
Your choice how you do it and on what days, just make sure to reach 40 before Next period.

1period: Monday 14:00 JST(Pack update time)~ Next Monday 13:59 JST

Lv.2 – 1 point
Lv.3 – 3 points
Lv.4 – 8 points
Lv.5 – 15 points

If you have multiple accounts, it doesn’t matter which account you get points for.
However, you must reach the quota for the number of accounts you own.

MH kills will be monitored by bot daily.
Level 1s are not allowed.
MH Report will be posted every Monday.

Those who will not reach the quota in a row can eliminate it by hunting the shortfall or paying gems or sending rss.

How to supply castle rallies

The rules are as follows.

T5/T4=6:4  200K(Limit)
T5/T4=0:1   50K(Limit)
T4/T2=6:4  100K(Limit)

If the rally time is less than 2 minutes, the repaid “50K→200K” may be indicated.

Basically, it is “early wins”.
It is not obligatory to make space. It is “good intention” of the member who vacated.

We will instruct you about fortress warfare from rally lead in a timely manner.

Dragon Arena

Basic rules of DA

1. Most prioritize is victory for IRX.
However, don’t forget finish solo points.
2. All mates have to use army size boost (50%)
3. All mates have to take forts proactively.
Especially, we have to grasp the “army atk boost” of Ancient remains anytime in order to fight.
4. Don’t freak out, and open rallies.
However, you have to choose the enemy for win.
5. You have to say the comp in chat.
proactively when you open rallies, Then everyone can fill your rally.
6. All mates have to sit around any fort.
Don’t sit around dragon altar.
And then, you have to take fort soon when if enemies withdrew from it
Don’t leave fort alone which is empty
7. Don’t late under rally. Never be late
8. Don’t fill forts with one troop, except for main rally lead
(Because of, rally lead always set the rallies that’s why they difficult to finish solo points)

Priority of forts

1. Ancient remains
2. Citadel
3. Transporter
4. Hot springs

However, If it’s a close game, we might prioritize to the “Caravan”
(give instructions each time)

Main comp

1073, 956, 208

Guild Festival


Top50 in the World Rankings(at least Top100)

Full tickets

Pre-tally of non-participation in Guild Festival

Nanastyle(Guild Festival Director)

Saturday 22:00 (JST)

If you do not wish to participate our Guild Festival, please contact in advance.
Please move to “IZX” by Monday 10:00 (JST).

Please understand in advance that if you do not participate twice in a row, you may be kick target.

Supply of RSS

Basically, we supply all War Treatment RSS.
In addition, food is always open.(Excluding R2)

Please note that the supply amount may be limited at the timing immediately after immigration.

War Treatment RSS (in War)

Please unify the templates for rss request.
The template is below.

[your location]adminrss 0 0 0 0 0 NAME

☑ Number is food/stone/wood/ore/gold, from left to right.
☑ The template should fit in one chat line.
☑ Enter “0” for unnecessary rss and don’t forget to enter the unit “m”.
Ex.) If you want 50m food only → 50m 0 0 0 0
Ex.) If you want 10m each expect gold → 10m 10m 10m 10m 0

■If you have “space” in name, replace it with “underscore”.
Ex.) Annapurna Y → Annapurna_Y

■Bot-bank(IRXB1tcoin)can’t be turned back once it starting, be sure to come nearby and request.

Please prepare the template so that you can write it immediately by dictionary registration etc.

Food (always)

We will supply from “YUKiBank”.(Excluding R2)

@adminfood [your name] [quantity]

☑ Don’t forget the unit “m” for quantity.
☑ If your name has “space”, rewrite it to “_” instead please.
☑ Always request from near the bank.

About Player Power Limits

IRX is power limitation guild.
The top line is 2.0 billion.

Please adjust your power after fully considering the scrolls you own.
If you participate in IRX war activities to some extent, your power will always decrease.
Being overweight may be a sign of inactivity.

Players who can’t immigrate with us are eligible for kicks.

Use of external chat tools


IRX uses 「Discord」 as its main chat tool.

Within discord’s IRX group, please unify your user profile by “Account Name/Nickname”.

Family & Alliance

☑ Zed(HBX, Gal, Ze1)

☑ w&r


☑ 3v3, K~Z, X~X, JfF, O|F, /E/


☑ Nanastyle, Zetsu

☑ Mahaoha

☑ Nasya ss[Japanese]
☑ Nanastyle, Eileen[English]

☑ Eileen, yamaJP, Am YUKI

【RSS Management(IZX)】
☑ Zetsu

【IT Engineer】
☑ ikarino98

【Guild Festival】
☑ Nanastyle

【Dragon Arena】

【Guild Showdown】

【Guild Bash】

☑ Allexceed